About Us

What started as a conversation about yoga stretched out into an exploration of how we learn – from acquisition and retention to recollection and application.

Our Process

The breadth and depth of what we know is immense and growing and access to information has never been easier. However, as designers and technologists used to building information systems we noted that how we make sense of that information could use some more attention.

We believe that visual learning frameworks are part of the answer towards organizing and leveraging the vast seas of information around us. They look at complex subjects holistically and incorporate multiple methods of understanding so that the end result is intellectual mastery.

Generally speaking, our process covers the following:

This is the “why.” Why is this subject meaningful and what elements contribute to that meaning? We explore the boundaries of consensus towards the notion of an overview.

Concepts and Methods
This is the “what.” The essential elements in detail and their relative importance to each other at varying scales. We focus on the details to provide clarity of purpose.

This is the “how.” How will the user navigate the subject in such a way that removes barriers of understanding? We look towards narratives and metaphors to engage the imagination.

Work With Us

Silver Tree is managed by partners Frank and Karoline Neville-Hamilton. If you’d like to work with us to improve the way we learn, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch: us@wearesilvertree.com