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You Are Here
18x24 in (57.2 x 609.6 mm) poster on 110# archival weight paper

What we know about our planet appears endless – but what about “the basics”? We organized over a hundred data points into a comprehensive narrative to provide a well-rounded, practical understanding of this place we call home.

Earth 101. All the essentials you need to know about Earth.
100+ data points. Designed to balance depth with accessibility.
Language-independent. Graphics and scientific notation tell the story.
Studiously designed. Rigorously Researched and annotated.
Easy on the Earth, 100% post-consumer recycled materials


This is a portrait of the Earth in time and space – designed to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Voyager missions which departed Earth in 1977 bearing a record of our existence etched into two golden discs. Any life form discovering Voyager’s discs would likely know nothing of our written languages so the entire basis of communication had to be constructed from relative, visual diagrams. Inspired by these design constraints, The Earth Poster was designed to create a similar record for those of us on Earth.

By interweaving scale models and using only scientific notation, the poster builds a visual narrative of our past, present and future independent of a written dialect. Careful placement of related processes is designed to build meaningful context so that the poster can speak to everyone and, hopefully, bring a greater understanding to the phrase “you are here.”


1 The Universal Timeline
From the Big Bang all the way to the end – where we fit in.
2 Our Timeline
The evolution of our planet and all the life within it.
3 The Oceans
The cradle of life - it's composition and construction.
4 The Atmosphere
The buffer between us and infinity – it's composition, construction, and mechanics.
5 The Globe
The view from space and the complex, interwoven mechanics that define our experience.
6 The Solar System and Beyond
A relevant view of just how big things really are.